Thursday, November 09, 2006

More musings

I forgot two of my favorite musings about the Cameroonians.

So here they are...

The only ambulances I have seen are actually hearses. The company they operate from is called 'final destiny'.

You can buy almost anything you want from the top of someones head for example...
Groundnuts (peanuts)
Fish Pie
Meat on a stick
Snails on a stick
Pot of hot food
Shoes (well they balance one on their head and carry the rest)
Sandwiches - Deli style, they carry bread and a host of fillings and condiments
And the most impressive - A coffee Table


rich said...

Perhaps you should start selling shampoo from the top of your head, sounds like some of the locals may need it.

Ann said...

Good one, Richard! I'm trying to recover from reading about "snails on a stick."

Hev said...

I would like to stress we have not eaten any of the snails yet

Well there is not yet about it - we will not be eating the snails on sticks

Mum said...

you don't have to pay rates for your head. Perhaps it will catch on here

rich said...

go on - just have half each.